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Development Timeline

Dash Mon[k]ey is designed to be deployed remotely and interacted with via discord and a webapp. The Proof of Concepts will be built in hackathons and releases via grant fundings.

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Projects used by Dash Mon[k]ey

Dash Mon[k]ey would not be possible if not for the following open source web3 projects. If you are a developer, consider looking into these projects. If you are from one of these projects, please consider funding the Gitcoin grant.

Feature Priority

Ideally, the following features should be implemented, enough at least for a dev release, by the end of the year. The following list details the features in rough priority, ie, the order of development.

Address Lists

Create address lists to track balances and be notified of transactions. Or store your keys securely on a self hosted device [read: Raspberry Pi] and have your bots trade for you*!

Our awesome features
Market Notifications

Set up support and resistance levels and get price notifications. Or set up conditional triggers based on candle sticks or market indicators and be notified of market movements.

Our awesome features
Discord Bot

Interact with the deployed application remotely via discord. Receive custom notifications via the bot and make decisions on the go*!

Our awesome features
Backtesting Engine

Test your trading recipes to gain confidence in them. However, remember the past does not always predict the future.

Our awesome features
Simulate recipes

Deploy your backtested recipes and let (self hosted) bots trade on your behalf on the exchange of your choice. Take the emotion out of your trades!

Our awesome features
Mint and Subscribe

Mint your trading recipes as NFTs and let other traders subscribe to them. Release them as public tokens out of the goodness of your heart or private tokens to earn some fees.

Our awesome features
Create ratio-ed buckets

Recurring buys and dollar cost averaging — indispensable tools for the smart trader. Create diversified buckets and invest regularly in predefined ratios of assets.

Our awesome features
Mint and Subscribe

Mint your bucket as a NFT and attempt to beat the market! Same as recipes, release them as public tokens out of the goodness of your heart or private tokens to earn some fees.

Our awesome features
Grid Trading

Grid trading is really cool — set up grid depth and profit margin, and open positions in both directions at the current market price. Reach a gird level in either direction and exit with profit. Now, earn on sideway trends as well!

Our awesome features
ENS Profiles

Decentralisation the core of web3, and Dash Mon[k]ey. So, every user gets a decentralised ENS profile hosted on IPFS. Anyone may find your minted tokens and subscribe, making you money* even if you forget to! Just remember your keys!

Our awesome features
Scalper Bot

See the volatility in the market? Would it not be nice if we could sell at every 10% gain and buy at every 10% drop? But who'd stick to the screen as much? This bot does that for you!

Our awesome features
Stream Trading

Dollar cost averaging on steroids. Purchase assets over a timeframe and average out your buy prices.

Our awesome features
Arbitrage Bot

So many exchanges, so many prices. This bot aims to buy low and sell high. On different platforms.

Our awesome features
Flash Loan Support

Similar to arbitrage,. but with DeFi staking and liquidity products. The idea is to take a huge loan (with no collateral) and return it before the block is processed. Now, instantly payback the loan with a higher interest and take a loan with a lower interest rate.

Our awesome features
React Application on ENS

Finally, develop a decentralised website on ReactJS so users may use injected web3 wallets and use Dash Mon[k]ey without having to storing private keys.

Our awesome features