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Supporting the Project

Dash Mon[k]ey is still quite in its infancy and would benefit from different kinds of support.

Kinds of Support

At its core, the project is an exploration in finance, web3, and freedom.


Any advice on financial markets or products, building scalable products, and general mentorship.


All constructive feedback regarding the project will be deeply appreciated.


All code is open source and available to use. Efforts are made to keep the code well documented.


Any donations to the project are also welcome. However, first please read the disclaimer below.

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Before you send any money to the project, please read and make sure the following caveats are agreeable to you.


One effect of giving money for this project is that you are providing for the freedom in the pursuit of this project.


Another reason for funding could be that the project brought you value. If tipping so, please also mention how value was generated.

Open Source

All code is protected under a copyleft license. This means all code is available for free and there is no proprietary software being developed.