swinging monkey

Planned Features

The following features are planned to be developed in 2021. All releases would still require technical knowledge to use.

Address and Market Watchers

The advantage of DeFi over traditional finance is that it is always on. Hence, it is of utmost importance to be on top of your wallets and investments.

Address Management

Create lists of addresses to monitor and be notified of balance changes. Or monitor your positions in different DeFi pools.

Price Notifications

Set support and resistance levels to get price notifications of different assets. Use a variety of data sources.

Market Indicators

Set up market triggers or follow standard market indicators to receive notifications on market movements.

Trading Recipes, Contracts

Investing is when you like a project and wish for it to succeed. Trading is winning on price action. There is no scope of emotions here. Create recipes and deploy them to trade on your behalf.

Grid Trading

Employ a grid trading strategy to make money even on sideways trends. Developed for Perpetual Protocol, extended to other exchanges.

Backtest Systems

Backtest trading strategies by using historic price data of virtual assets. Perfect* your recipe before deploying live!

Mint Recipes

Mint your best recipes as NFTs and participate in community leaderboards. Earn fees when others subscribe to your recipes.

Tokenised Buckets

Diversification is generally a good idea. No matter what anyone tells you, any project can become null and void tomorrow and in such an event, you will wish that you held other assets. Create buckets to simplify the diversification process.

Diversified Portfolios

Research and select assets to your bucket and invest regularly in predefined ratios. Note, invest not trade.

Recurring Buys

Set up recurring buys to average your buy price for virtual assets. Invest over time to get the most of the long term price action.

Mint Buckets

Mint your bucket as an NFT and see how it performs compared to other buckets. Earn fees when others subscribe to your bucket.

Subscription Network

Mint your recipes and buckets as NFTs and let others subscribe to them for a fee. Or reduce your involvement in the market and defer to others' strategies.

ENS Profiles

Create decentralised profiles, deployed on IPFS so others may always have access to your NFTs. Mint once, earn anytime!

Follow recipes/buckets

Subscribe to public or private recipes and buckets to defer trading and investing to the experts. Or become the expert and earn fees.

Stream Trading*

Purchase virtual assets over a timeframe to average out the purchase price. Powered by Superfluid and Chainlink price oracles.

Discord Helper Bot

Discord is fundamental to the crypto community. Its ease of use and its developer friendliness makes it ideal to manage large communities and even tasks and projects! You can interact with Dash Mon[k]ey by talking to the bot on Discord.


Use simple commands to interact with Dash Mon[k]ey on the go! Get or set information or deploy bots when you wish.


Set up triggers or cron jobs for market movement, address transactions, or PnL statements to be notified as soon as the action happens!

Open Source

The bot may be self hosted, like the entire project, and be tinkered with, no problem! Every effort is made to make the code well documented.

Inbuilt Trading Bots

Bots are amazing. They provide a way for us to isolate an action or a process and repeat it n number of times with negligible supervision. The following bots are essential for the practical trader.


Set up limits and increase your holdings in a virtual asset. The bot sells in bull conditions and buys in bear conditions.


Get the most out of DeFi by capitalising on arbitrage on different exchanges. To be developed as a lower priority.

Flash Loans*

Similar to arbitrage, but specific to DeFi liquidity pools. Borrow large sums to payback loans or provide liquidity, Paid back in the same txn.