monkey swinging

💸 Dash Mon[k]ey

Manage your web3 money in a web3 way! A casual interface into the not so casual world of DeFi

Planned Modules

The following modules are planned to be completed over the course of 2021. Technical know will still be a must to use this project however. Docs and education modules are expected to be built over 2022.

Monitor Addresses, Contracts

Create lists of addresses or tokens to monitor for any state change such as price movement, transasction notificaiton, chain event, etc.

Backtest Trading Recipes

Create and backtest trading recipes on popular tokens. Get detailed reports and deploy successful recipes to trade in the background.

View and Analyse Charts

Load specific price charts for different tokens and get help analysing candle and trend patterns. Draw on them and save screenshots on IPFS.

Deploy Bots, Manage Remotely

Deploy trading bots to trade on your behalf or deploy the whole project and manage via Discord. More friendly interfaces to be developed in 2022.

Open Source

The entire project is under a copyleft license and can be tinkered with, no problem! Every effort is made to make the code well documented.

Subscription Network

Mint trading recipes or token buckets and have others follow them for a fee. Or follow proficient investors and traders and watch your money grow*!